Doctor's fez
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Supermerwholock fan, Tribute. I also watch Teen Wolf, Revolution, New Girl, MMFD, Orphan Black and a bunch of other TV shows. Aaaaand I also watch animes. So my blog will obviously be a lot about all of those things, but sometimes I reblog other posts revealing my hidden hipster side. Oh and I might also post/reblog bands/music related stuff because you know I love them and yeah that.
I'm sorry if I make some mistakes in English, I'm french so I'm just trying do to my best. :)

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have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moon light?

Oliver/Felicity + Season 3 

We’re not our masks, and we need people in our lives who don’t wear one.

Team Arrow - #FoundryFridays

YA lit meme ✒ ten series or books [2/10]: The Hunger Games trilogy, by Suzanne Collins
"But one day I’l have to explain about my nightmares. Why they came. Why they won’t ever real y go away.
I’l tel them how I survive it. I’l tel them that on bad mornings, it feels impossible to take pleasure in anything because I’m afraid it could be taken away. That’s when I make a list in my head of every act of goodness I’ve seen someone do. It’s like a game. Repetitive. Even a little tedious after more than twenty years. But there are much worse games to play.”

"…the essence of heroism is to die so others can live.”

Rapunzel + Daily lineup  

felicity smoak: a summary